Biden Predicts Real Food Shortages In America, But Offers No Plan


    Surprisingly the President of the United States addressed the world warning about food shortages and offering no plan for feeding us.

    His Fraudulency Joe Biden said that food shortages were discussed during a Thursday news conference. These sanctions were not just imposed on Russia but also on many other countries. This applies to European countries, as well as our own country.

    This statement was made by Biden just days after Lyin’ Ginger, the Press Secretary, said that Americans would not face food insecurity.

    She stated that, while there is no shortage of food in the US, rising energy, fertilizer, and wheat prices will have an effect on the cost of growing food and buying critical fuel supplies.

    Food shortages Food shortages. This sounds huge to me. This sounds like something an American president would want to mobilize. You know that America is still America. We are still a vibrant nation with millions to billions of acres of unutilized land, which could easily make up for the loss of Ukraine’s position as the “breadbasket of the world.”

    Biden said that Ukraine and Russia have been the breadbaskets of Europe in terms of wheat production. He also stated that he had long discussions with other G7 leaders regarding how to “increase and “disseminate food production.

    Biden said that they had also discussed the possibility to urge all European countries and anyone else to lift restrictions on food trade. “And so, we are currently working together with our European friends in order to determine what it would require to alleviate food shortage concerns.”

    Imperial Japan has just attacked Pearl Harbor, and Nazi Germany’s left-wing socialists declared war on us. President Roosevelt, what is your plan?

    We are going to increase and disseminate the war machinery and troops.

    Biden insists that food shortages “real” and he is right. Shortages. To ensure the American people are well fed, every priority and alarm of government should be addressed. First, mobilise your efforts to ensure that America has enough food for its people. Then, we must do all we can to ensure the world’s food safety.

    It’s not impossible for America to be the breadbasket in the world this summer.

    America’s abundance is one its greatest blessings. Everyone has enough food and enough money to afford a decent home. There are also enough resources for medical care and other essentials. It is truly amazing. This abundance is so common in American lives that it makes us forget that we have any choice. This blessing reminds us of our blessings. It also reminds us that basic needs such as shelter, food, and housing are not common in much of human history.

    This magic conceals a web of thin threads which allow us to fill all our shelves and stomachs. We will be in serious trouble if one of these threads goes out. Many of us have become so dependent on the bounty we are unable to figure out what to do if one of these threads breaks. We don’t have the skills to hunt, grow or gather.

    The American president is currently predicting “real” food shortages. This is something this country hasn’t experienced in more than a hundred years, and he isn’t doing anything about. This is especially galling when we consider that we live in a country with enough resources to ensure we don’t need to rely on other countries for our food.

    These opportunities, together with high gas prices, which are currently affecting the poor and working-class, offer great opportunities for leaders. America is able to rely on these resources and will not again be dependent on thin threads.

    Biden will not do that. He’s a monster. He sees the negative impacts of oil drilling on Mother Earth as more important than the benefits they provide for humans, including Americans.

    Biden also said that he believes America is going to face “real” food shortages and that he will not do anything about it