Biden Says Americans Would ‘Need an F-16’ to Work Against the Government


This is one of the things you don’t want to hear from your president. Joe Biden mocked Americans for defending their Second Amendment right to own AR-15s. He said, “[if] You want to work against the government, you need F-16.” Was this a joke or a threat?

The Founding Fathers insisted on the absolute necessity of the right to bear arms, including those used for warfare. This was to protect against tyranny. As in most European kingdoms, before a standing military can rule the people, they must be disarmed. Noah Webster, the founder of America, reflected on this with satisfaction. “The supreme power cannot enforce unjust law by the sword in America, because the entire body of people is armed and constitutes a force that is superior to any regular troops in the United States which can be raised under any pretense.” Patrick Henry said, “The greatest object is that every man should be armed… Everyone who is able can have a firearm.” Thomas Jefferson, in 1824, wrote that the people had a “right and duty” to always be armed.

Biden, as expected, seems to be disdainful of the Founders’ vision.

Sleepy Joe blathered about the Second Amendment at a private residence fundraiser in California Tuesday, Fox News reported. “We have to change,” Fox quoted Biden. “There’s a lot of things we can change because the American people by and large agree you don’t need a weapon of war. I’m a Second Amendment guy. I taught it for four years, six years in law school,” he asserted.

And guess what? Biden argued that the law does not say you can have any weapon. It says that there are some weapons you can’t have. You couldn’t even own a cannon when the law was first passed. You can’t have a machine gun… I’m not kidding.”

Biden then mocked Americans who wanted to own guns in order to protect themselves against a government that was becoming increasingly biased and weaponized. Biden said, “I love those guys who claim that the Second Amendment is a tree of liberty made of water and the blood of patriots. “Well, [you] need an F-16 if you want to do this, work against the government. You need more than an AR-15.

Biden said almost the same thing in January. Since then, the FBI and DOJ have been targeting pro-lifers and traditional Catholics as well as parents who are concerned about woke curricula. Not to mention Donald Trump or many protestors on Jan. 6. The IRS raided Montana gun stores and only took gun purchase records. I guess they’re adding gun owner records to the federal database.

Joe, maybe that’s why Americans are so keen to acquire AR-15s and guns in general. Joe, no one wants to be forced to defend themselves from their government. But it is a frightening possibility that appears more probable every day.