U.S. Coast Guard Uncovers Debris Field, Indicating Titanic Tourists’ Oxygen Supply Depletion


The U.S. Coast Guard reported on Thursday that an unmanned vehicle discovered a debris field in the search area of the missing submarine. The Coast Guard said that “experts in the unified command” are evaluating the data. Officials will be holding a press conference at 3 pm. ET to “discuss the findings from Horizon Arctic’s ROV near the Titanic.”

Original Story:

The Titan Five submersible vessel is now lost. Before going missing, five passengers were on their way to the bottom of the sea to see the Titanic wreckage.

According to Associated Press, there was still hope for the passengers.

The Associated Press reported that “rescuers on Wednesday rushed ships and vessels to an area where a submarine disappeared on its way towards the Titanic wreckage, hoping underwater noises they detected for a third day straight might help narrow down their search in a mission which is becoming increasingly urgent.” Captain Jamie Frederick, First Coast Guard District, reported that crews were searching an area two times the size of Connecticut, in waters 2 1/2 mile deep. Authorities are still hopeful of finding the five Titan passengers.

He said, “This is 100% a rescue and search mission.”… “We’ll continue to use every resource we have to try to locate the Titan and its crew.”

Even those who were optimistic warned that there are still many obstacles to overcome: pinpointing the location of the ship, reaching it with the rescue equipment, and bringing it up to the surface – assuming the vessel is intact. All this must be done before the oxygen supply of passengers runs out. Some have said that it could happen as soon as Thursday morning.

Donald Murphy, a former chief scientist for the Coast Guard International Ice Patrol, described the area in the North Atlantic, where the Titan disappeared on Sunday, as prone to fog, stormy weather, and other challenging conditions. The submersible may be as much as 12,500 feet (3.800 meters) under the surface, near the watery grave of the Titanic.

The Titan Five is likely to have run out of oxygen since the Titan Five was designed with only a limited life-support system, which could only last for 96 hours. The five passengers include Hamish Harding (billionaire), French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet (father of Sulaiman Dawood), Shahzada Dawood, and Stockton Rush – CEO of OceanGate.

Multiple theories were offered as to why the craft went missing and lost communication. These ranged from an implosion to a power failure. The only hope for the passengers’ survival came on Tuesday night when banging sounds were heard at intervals of half an hour.

Experts have warned about problems with the Titan submarine for years. Former employees claim they were fired because they pointed out safety flaws. An old Zoom video revealed that Rush deliberately prioritized diversity when hiring for his company. He believed that “50-year-old white men” would not be inspiring to the younger generation.