Biden’s Bold Declaration: Abortion Rockets to the Forefront as a ‘Top Priority’


After the next election, Joe Biden’s disturbing priority is to make the right to kill unborn children a legal “right.”

Democrats went into a rage when the Supreme Court declared Roe v. Wade unconstitutional and relegated the abortion issue to the states. This was the right thing to do. Listening to Democrats, it would seem that the right to murder an unborn child is the foundation of all other rights, even though there is ample evidence that abortion is a cruel method of killing a human being, and is also terrible for mothers.

Live Action reported that Quentin Fulks, Biden’s principal deputy campaign manager, discussed Biden’s priorities during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. Fulks’ response to the question “What will be President Biden’s priority on day one if he wins in 2024?” was anti-life.

“The President announced this campaign under the slogan ‘finishing the job’, and protecting freedom and democracy. Let’s take a look at that when we discuss it. Fulks began by saying, “First of all: Roe.” “The president is adamant about the need to restore Roe. Fulks tried to portray Biden as a selfless person who understood that the election wasn’t about him but about the American people.

Live Action mentioned Biden’s promise to make abortion on demand legal throughout the country in 2022.

It’s fascinating to see how Democrats, through history, have always viewed rights and freedoms as a zero-sum game. If I have more freedom than you, then your “right” is impacted or canceled out.

The Democratic Party has consistently held this view. It was evident with slavery. Democrats claimed that it was part of their fundamental right to deny black people the freedom and rights they deserved. Democracy demanded slavery! Democracy demanded slavery!

Abortion pills starve babies to death and surgical abortions dismember or poison an unborn baby. Is this the kind of action that a Judeo-Christian, free republic would sanction? Americans are also open to arguments in favor of life. Two-thirds (63%) of Americans surveyed in January 2023 said they support restrictions on abortion.

Joe Biden could have said, “Before your mother formed you in her womb I wanted to kill and mark you for death.”