Biden’s Executive Order A Direct Threat To The Dollar


Paradigm Press sponsored the following content. On March 9, 2022 President Biden quietly signed Executive Order 140667. This order contains a dark provision that could allow the government to have unprecedented control over your freedom and money.

This provision actually sets the stage for: All U.S citizens are subject to legal government surveillance. You have total control over all your bank accounts as well as purchases. The ability to silence all voices of dissident voices for good

Yet, the majority of Americans have never heard of Executive Order 14067.

Jim Rickards, a well-known economist and former adviser to the Pentagon and the CIA, has just raised the alarm about this worrying new development. He gives a critical presentation that exposes the shocking truth about Biden’s Executive Order. It is a direct threat against every American citizen’s freedom.

According to Rickards, the order could actually mean the end for the U.S. Dollar as we know it. He said, “We’re in to a major upheaval for the U.S. Dollar.” “In fact, I believe the 3rd Great Dollar earthquake has already begun…

Roosevelt took private gold from the owners in 1934. “The second was Nixon’s 1971 abandonment of the gold standard… Biden’s plan could open the door to’retiring the U.S. Dollar’ and replacing it by this troubling alternative.