Community Notes Trio Takes Down Iran’s Supreme Leader


Community Notes is a great tool for many people.

It has added a way to fact-check when people, including those in power, spread lies. Now they must fear being called out on their lies in real-time. It may not get everything or everyone, but it is a great contribution to the truth.

This feature has even targeted leaders and individuals like Joe Biden. Biden, for example, has been criticized in multiple ways, including his “bottomless Pinocchio lies” about reducing deficit.

He continues to tell it. At least it clarifies for the people.

We reported that the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died last month in a helicopter accident.

He wasn’t a nice guy.

Raisi has been dubbed the “Butcher” of Tehran by activists who accused him of being among the four judges that oversaw the execution of thousands political prisoners after the Iran-Iraq War in 1988. Human Rights Watch claims that Iran has never admitted to what is described as a mass murder of between 2,800 and 5,000 people.

In a 2019 announcement of sanctions, the U.S. Treasury Department stated that “as deputy prosecutor of Tehran,” Raisi “participated in a so called ‘death committee’ which ordered the extrajudicial killings of thousands political prisoners in 1988.”

You wouldn’t have known that if Ayatollah Khmenei, Iran’s Supreme leader, had praised Raisi on X this week, and spewed absolute bilge as to what a wonderful man this “Butcher”, was. Community Notes didn’t let him get away.

Khamenei said Raisi used a “special technique,” was sincere, treated people with respect and dignity and let them express their opinions. He was always respectful of people.

It would be hilarious if that wasn’t a lie. It’s the opposite of “Opposite day” — say everything that he was not. “Special method?” As explained in the Community Note, this is called “killing people”.

Extra-judicial killings by President Raisi resulted in the deaths of thousands of Iranians who held opposing views. Raisi is known as the “Butcher of Tehran”.

Khamenei tries again

“President Raisi dealt with people who had hurt him in a dignified manner.” Khamenei said that Raisi’s response to those who insulted him wasn’t harsh, ugly or bad-tempered.

Community Notes has repeatedly stated that Raisi killed “thousands via extrajudicial killings.”

They saved the most hilarious note for last.

“President Raisi kept a clear distance from his enemies.” Khamenei said that he never trusted an enemy’s smile.

Community Notes has just beaten him.

Raisi, dubbed “the butcher of Tehran”, executed those whom he considered to be in opposition. He was also accused of crimes against mankind. He also helped fund the Houthis Hezbollah, and Hamas. This is not the mark of someone who avoids confrontation.”

Now, that’s funny.

Brad Slager is here to help us finish off the Supreme Leader.