Even ‘Morning Joe’ Concedes: Biden’s Steady Performance in Debate Would Be a ‘Massive Victory’


It’s pathetic that even Democrats now admit it would be a massive victory if Joe Biden could “remain upright” in the Thursday presidential debate against former President Donald Trump. Is this a “tallest-midget contest” or something else?

The admonition was delivered on MSNBC’s ludicrous “Morning Joe.”

After Jonathan Lemire, the TDS-ridden MSNBC host kicked off Tuesday’s cartoonish event with this beauty, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson made an obvious observation.

Look, we know. Donald Trump can, for a few minutes, appear to be disciplined and in control. We know this doesn’t usually last.

We know the Biden campaign will try to provoke long monologues on sharks. You just wrote that for Donald Trump every week is Shark Week. Here, it’s the same.

We know the stakes for Joe Biden. He has to appear like he’s up for the task. But so does Donald Trump. For many Americans, it will be their first real chance to hear Donald Trump in four years. They may be surprised by what they discover.

On the left, comedy never stops. It is absurd to suggest that Trump can maintain his composure “for a few minutes” when Biden, who has disappeared, shakes his hands with the air or gets lost on stage and must be collected by Jill, a pretend doctor, or lead off by Barack Obama.

Robinson did not disappoint. He made a fool of himself as he does every time.

Yeah. They may be surprised when they hear Trump 2024 talk about his obsession with sharks. If Biden wants him to go off, simply say boat and shark. Or say water. He also has a rap about dishwashers and water. It’s confusing.

To get him in that rally Trump mode where he is all over the place. He’s unable to complete a single sentence or thought and is just riffing. That would be a perfect situation for Biden.

Stop the tape. WHO is incapable of “completing a thought or sentence, let alone finding his way off the stage?” Please.

Robinson admitted the obvious.

I agree in principle with the analysis. President Biden must remain upright and make sense. Do as he did during the State of the Union. Given the expectations set by Republicans, this is a huge victory for Biden. They have trained the Trump base that they expect Biden either to fall at the debate or to fall asleep or just to not know where he was. That was a big mistake.

Biden’s “State of the Union speech” was the most angry SOTU ever.

Robinson was correct in this regard, regardless of his attacks on Trump. We, along with many others on the left, have set such a low bar for Biden to perform in the debate that if he can “remain upright,” remain cognizant of his position, and not go completely cognitively void, he will “win.”

The debate on Thursday promises to be a pay-per-view event.