DeSantis Blows Up Chicago’s Mayoral Race


Nine Democrats are running for Chicago’s “mayor”. Lori Lightfoot currently holds the title. She is currently in a tight race against Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D-Ill.) and Paul Vallas (ex-superintendent of schools).

They are all one and the same in truth. Whoever can exaggerate or lie the most to discredit their opponent will win.

Be a superhero. Ron DeSantis will visit the Windy City Monday to address its largest police union. Destroyer has already accomplished more than anyone could have hoped.

Garcia nearly got a bad case of apoplexy when he heard that DeSantis would visit the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police in order to speak with them. This same group also endorsed Vallas for mayor. Garcia asked Vallas not to accept DeSantis’ visit saying that he was a threat to Illinois.

As I said, “A superhero has superpowers.”

J.B., our once strong but lean Gov. Pritzker (D-Ill.) went further and called on all candidates for public office in Land of Lincoln to condemn DeSantis’s speech.

Why someone from Mattoon or Peoria should denounce a visit by DeSantis to the Chicago suburbs is a little fuzzy, J.B.

Vallas seems to have only committed one crime: he was a policeman who liked him. DeSantis was discredited by Vallas, who he said was a right-wing extremist because he didn’t accept the LGBTQ community.

Lightfoot is however trailing Vallas, Garcia. He was interviewed and came out on top.

NBC News

Lori Lightfoot, the incumbent Democratic Mayor, went further in a Friday interview on NBC News. She is running against Vallas for the February 28th election.

Ron DeSantis is racist and bigoted. Lightfoot stated that Paul Vallas is always at his heels. ”

On Friday, incumbent Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is competing against Vallas in the Feb. 28 election, went further in an interview with NBC News.

Vallas went to Awake Illinois anyway, so is Awake Illinois a neo-Nazi organization?

Chicago Reader

Vallas was part of the panel at Awake Illinois’ June fundraiser. Vallas was joined by Tony Kinnett (an ex-Indian school administrator) and Frank McCormick, a Waukegan teacher who are vocal critics against the critical race theory curriculum. Pastor Randy Blan, the headmaster at a private Christian school in northern Illinois, challenged Illinois’ mandate to hide his beliefs. Corey DeAngelis was also the keynote speaker. He is a national leader in school choice.

It’s heresy to be a pro-school choice within a city controlled and governed by teachers’ unions.

It’s amazing to see the impact of a visit by a national Republican leader on a radical left city. He will support cops in this crazy place.

DeSantis’s visit is not the most striking thing. It is the terror it evokes.