Elon Musk and Parents Speak Out Against Placing Undocumented Immigrants in NYC High School


As I reported earlier this week, the city evacuated illegal aliens from a tent camp that was unsustainable on Floyd Bennett Field due to concerns over the weather and strong winds. They should have expected that and never put them in that position.

When bad weather struck, they decided to send the children to James Madison High School in a five-mile radius and assign them remote learning. This was a shocking revelation for everyone in the area as well as across the country.

Even Elon Musk, who hails from New York, and a Libs of TikTok user, weighed in.

A mom was allegedly told to stop taking pictures after she took photos of the things being moved by illegal aliens driving big trucks.

One mom was not happy with this decision and shouted at the buses that were bringing people in: “How do you feel about kicking all the children out of school tomorrow?”

According to an alleged notification, “remote” learning was not even that. Students were required to log on to receive their assignments, but no teacher would be present unless they requested it.

It sounds like the person who sent out that notice needs some grammar assistance. It’s not “teachers google classrooms,” it’s “teachers’ classrooms.”

As Councilwoman Inna Vernikov stated in my previous story, this situation is unsustainable. It is not sustainable to have people living in tents in the field. They didn’t plan for bad weather. It may be a problem once again.

Brad Lander, the city’s comptroller, expressed concern about the placement of asylum seekers in the field due to the storm risks and the costs associated with moving them. This is because more severe weather conditions are expected this winter.

The city has already started putting people into college dorms. What are the options, as the problem grows?

This plan was not well thought out by the city government. Joe Biden is the real culprit for not upholding the law or properly securing our border. The only way to resolve this issue is by voting him out.