Elon Musk’s Hilarious Response to Biden’s Attack on Misinformation


Joe Biden appeared on Sunday after Congress managed to avert a government shutdown and acted as if he deserved credit for their reaching a deal. Biden, however, looked old, glitchy, and had a brain freeze. He even tripped over his attempt at insulting MAGA Republicans.

Biden’s bad looks on Sunday were not the only ones. John Harwood, a reporter for Pro Publica (Harwood was fired from CNN) interviewed Biden. Biden and Harwood both marketed this interview as one about the “threat to democracy”.

Biden managed to make trouble even with a liberal interviewer who was receptive. Two things stood out. The first was his bizarre comment about the late former Senator Strom Thurmond, which could not possibly be true.

Biden said, “When I left my Senate seat, I convinced Strom Thurmond to support the Voting Right Act.”

The clip shows that Thurmond died in 2003 while Biden did not leave the Senate until 2009. Biden’s tenure in office was not until 2009. The Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965.

Look at the expression on Harwood’s lips as Biden speaks. Biden has no idea that what he’s said is wrong.

Both of them then attacked Elon Musk, the owner of X.

What about Elon Musk’s Twitter? Harwood asked. Harwood asked:

Biden said, “Yeah it does.” He then said that people get their news “online,” where they “have no idea whether it is true or false.”

Imagine Biden talking against misinformation, when he is constantly spreading it as we can see in the Thurmond claim.

To them, misinformation is anything with which they disagree or that contradicts the narrative. This is why they are so upset with Elon Musk. They no longer have control over the history at X with Musk in charge.

In a society governed by our Constitution, it is troubling that any government official would believe they had a duty to control “misinformation”.

Musk’s Community Notes have made X more accurate in its facts and less of a misinformation-spouting company. Joe Biden may not like this because the Notes have exposed him several times.

Elon didn’t hesitate to respond.

He laughed at the ridiculousness of that.

Elon’s takeover exposed the misinformation spread on Twitter through the Twitter Files. Musk has brought transparency and responsiveness back to the platform.

Musk said that the “real president” was the one “who controlled the teleprompter.”

Musk then finishes Biden’s ridiculous attempt.

Musk is the winner of the internet in my opinion for his brutal accuracy.

The danger is not “misinformation” but Biden’s attitude, and the Democrats’ attempts to control.