Newsom Makes Historic Appointment to Senate


Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) wasted little time in appointing Laphonza Butler, the president of the radical pro-abortion group EMILY’s List, as the replacement for the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). Politico revealed the decision Sunday night, mere days after Feinstein’s passing Thursday.

The outlet reports that “the announcement was expected Monday and that an advisor to the governor Anthony York told POLITICO Newsom’s appointment is without preconditions or limitations on his choice running for the position in 2024.” Butler may decide to join a crowded and competitive field among Democratic candidates seeking to succeed Feinstein. Special elections will be added to the March primary and the November runoff.

Newsom, by naming Butler, fulfilled his promise to nominate a woman of color to fill Feinstein’s seat.

Katie Porter (D) (Calif.), Adam Schiff D (Calif.), Barbara Lee D (Calif.), and others have launched campaigns to take Feinstein’s place in 2024. Newsom did not want any declared candidate to gain an advantage. Lee, who was long angling to be appointed as a senator, expressed her disappointment.

Lee stated last month that the idea of a black woman being appointed as a sole caretaker in order to check a box was insulting to many black women who had carried the Democratic Party through election after election.

Butler is more than just a woman of color. Butler is openly lesbian, which makes her even more interesting for identity-obsessed neo-radical reft.

Yashar Ali, formerly of Twitter and HuffPost, said on X that “California will get not only its first openly gay Senator but also a Black woman senator.” “Laphonza is the second lesbian in the Senate.”

Because obviously. It’s still unclear if Newsom regrets his inability to nominate a candidate who is transgender.

Butler is a Black Lesbian Woman but she does not reside in California.

Rob Pyers, FEC analyst on X, noted that “FEC files from EMILY’s List recorded Laphonza Butler’s residency as Silver Springs in Maryland as recent as 31 days ago.” “FPPC and FEC files indicate that the soon-to-be California Senator Laphonza has not been a California resident for more than two years,” Rob Pyers noted on X.

Butler will be sworn in on Wednesday. Newsom announced his selection via social media.

After her swearing-in, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will move to fill the vacancies on Feinstein’s Committee. Republicans can prevent Butler from getting seated. This will leave various committees equally split. A Judiciary Committee that is evenly divided will not be able to move judicial nominations to the Senate without Republican backing.