George Santos is No Longer Considered Useful


George Santos is a Republican U.S. Representative from New York State. Santos has been under intense pressure to resign. Additional concerns have been raised about potential criminal and unethical conduct.

“I can’t understand why everyone is getting so exercised about George Santos’s past behavior. Lied? Financial shenanigans? Dressed in drag? A sham marriage to commit immigration fraud? Yawn — who in Congress hasn’t? Will he vote for what I want? Yes? Good enough for me.”

Like many other new conservatives, my willingness to follow the Democrats’ rules is a sign of respect. George Santos was supposed to be a reliable Republican vote in our poor House majority. However, he is not honoring his part of the agreement.

Rep. “The “Equality and Fiscal Accountability Protection Act” of 2023 would require all countries that receive federal aid from the United States to ensure that individuals are protected based on sexual orientation.

Dude. We did not fight to get the House back.

This press release has more information:

“Discrimination against both women and the LGBTQ community is unacceptable,” said Rep. Santos. “My bill will send a clear message that the United States will not offer federal aid to countries found to be violating the rights of individuals based on sexual orientation. We as a nation have a responsibility to stand up for the human rights of all people, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.”

The “Equality and Fiscal Accountability Protection Act2023” bill would require that the State Department evaluate a country’s human rights record before granting federal assistance.

If the bill is passed, it would represent a significant step forward in fighting for LGBTQ rights and women’s rights. It would send a clear message to other countries that they will not tolerate criminalization or discrimination.

There is nothing more incredible than starving people. Unless they start to mutilate unborn children and raise the rainbow flag.

Obama’s scandalous practice of linking humanitarian assistance to forcing countries to abandon their culture or beliefs was a hallmark of his administration. The Biden Group has restored this policy with great gusto.

The Great Hunger in Ireland in the mid-1800s was, as with most historical famines, at least partially orchestrated and controlled by political power. In Ireland’s case, their British elite overlords refused to stop exporting high-quality crops to England. Even though their potatoes were failing, the Irish peasants were left starving.

These schools were established by Protestant Bible societies. They were meant to feed starving children on the condition that they received Protestant religious instruction.

There were some poor Catholic families that had to choose between starvation and Protestantism.

Today’s ruling class elites rely on their outdated, deplorable playbook. George Santos believes that he is one. But they won’t accept him because he’s got the “R”.