If Indiana Is to Blame for Chicago’s Gun Violence, Why Isn’t Indianapolis a War Zone too?


The left cleverly uses gun statistics to their advantage.

We have seen an increase in shootings in major cities after their Democrat mayors and district attorneys (DAs) decided to free criminals from jail and keep them outside under no-bail laws. Every shooting is another statistic that leads to their ultimate goal of taking away your guns.

This is how it works.

  • Democrats allow criminals freedom from prison and let them roam the streets, knowing they will continue to commit more crimes with guns.
  • Slaughter ensues
  • Democrats use gun deaths statistics to demand more gun laws

Chicago is the capital of gun-grabbers. Nearly 19% of the guns come from a few miles away in Indiana.

Indiana must be the problem. Barack Obama believed that. He spoke out about it in 2015.

There are many people who criticize gun safety reforms. The Chicago Police Department will tell you that 60% of guns used in crimes come from outside of the state.

Indiana is just a few miles from Chicago so it’s safe to assume that Indiana is the “hop across frontier”. Indiana should look like Berlin in 1945 if Indiana is to be blamed.

Chicago saw 1,830 shootings so far in 2022.

Antifa was the spark that lit the nation on fire in 2020. It’s now back to business as usual.

According to a list of states with the strictest gun laws in America, Illinois was ranked #8 and Indiana was #28. Chicago is still considered more dangerous than Indianapolis.

Lefty logic and the laws of gun states should allow Indianapolis to surpass the Windy City when it comes to crime. Chicago should look like Disneyland, but it is far more dangerous than Indianapolis at night.

In Indiana, a good guy with a gun recently ventilated a mass shooter at a shopping mall, just 16 days after the state adopted a “constitutional carry” law, meaning residents can carry a concealed pistol without a license. Illinois doesn’t allow concealed carry. That means a mass shooter has a better chance of killing people in a state with stricter gun laws.

Remember, an armed society is a polite society. Illinois should take the hint from Indiana: Loosen the harsh gun laws and lower the crime rate.