Is Paul Pelosi’s Attacker a Right-Wing MAGA Supporter? His Son Goes on the Record


David DePape was getting ready for his hearing in the attack against Paul Pelosi. His son was doing an interview.

Gonzalez painted instead a picture of a man who was unhappy, possibly unstable and not loyal to any party. Gonzalez spoke out about his acquaintance to the newspaper and said that he wasn’t a Republican activist who waved a Let’s Go Brandon banner from the bed of a pickup truck.

Gonzalez claims Gonzalez’s father told Gonzalez about DePape being sent to live with his abusive grandparents.

Gonzales asserts that DePape said that Republican and Democrat parties are nothing more than “colors and covers”, and that it was only individual policies that matter. Gonzales believes that DePape may have been a member of the Green Party. He says, “My father held progressive views. He believed in human rights, equality, justice, and war. ”

Gonzales felt sorry about the Pelosi families but said that everyone should be able to tell what happened in that house.

Gonzales’s hypothesis regarding Paul Pelosi’s predilections and David DePape’s is a mistake. He is correct. It is impossible to know what actually happened that night. Journalists, leftists and Joe Biden all rush to condemn conservatives in the case.