Jeff Bezos-Owned WaPo Joins Chinese Communist Party In Lobbying Joe Biden To Cut U.S Tariffs On China


The Washington Post, which is owned by billionaire Amazon Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos joins the Chinese Communist Party in lobbying President Joe Biden for a reduction of United States tariffs on China’s-made products.

Janet Yellen, Treasury Department Secretary, and Vice President Biden have been aiming for the reduction of Section 301 tariffs that apply to billions of dollars of Chinese-made goods. Labor unions have long praised the tariffs as a way to boost American wages and American manufacturing.

The Post Editorial Board, along with the CCP, is siding with Yellen. They claim that U.S. tariffs against China have increased prices for American consumers. This claim has been disproved by research. Even though economists found that reducing tariffs would result in a 0.3 percent reduction in inflation, the Post suggests that they would reduce inflation.

The Post Editorial Board writes that “one of the many messes that former President Donald Trump left behind is sweeping tariffs against thousands of Chinese products.”

Trump’s trade war was a failure. It has escalated American costs and generated little ire from China. This is unacceptable and President Biden should end it. He shouldn’t wait for months to review the tariffs. [Emphasis added]

Inflation is the No. Inflation is the number one problem facing America’s economy. American inflation is a problem. Mr. Biden likes to tell Americans that he is doing all he can to help. He calls it his “top domestic priority” and deserves credit for using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to release oil to alleviate the pressure on the pumps. Unfortunately, prices have reached new record highs. It’s surprising, however, that Mr. Biden hasn’t pulled the other major lever he can use to reduce inflation. He has not removed or reduced Mr. Trump’s tariffs affecting more than $300 billion worth of Chinese imports. The tariffs were called “reckless” by Mr. Biden, but they are still in place.

Breitbart News analysis has found that tariffs don’t raise prices for Americans, contrary to what the Post claims. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), there is no correlation between current inflation and U.S. tariffs. These were imposed by former President Trump.

The Post joined high-ranking CCP officials in lobbying for the reduction of U.S. tariffs. They have been pushing Biden for months to remove the first Trump-imposed tariffs.

Bezos is motivated to reduce U.S. tariffs against foreign imports because his multi-national online retailer Amazon relies heavily on low-cost products made by foreign workers who are paid pennies per U.S. Dollar.

Breitbart News reported that research from the Tech Transparency Project revealed that Amazon continues to work with several Chinese companies accused of using slave labor, particularly Uyghur Muslim labor.

The U.S. Free Trade Agreement with China has had devastating effects on America’s middle and working class communities in all 50 states.

Between 2001 and 2018, U.S. trade with China has eliminated 3.7 millions American jobs — 2.8million of which were in American manufacturing. At least 50,000 American manufacturing facilities were closed during that time.

These massive job losses coincide with a growing U.S.-China trading deficit. The U.S. trade deficit against China was $6 billion in 1985, just before China joined the WTO. The U.S. trade deficit against China was more than $345 Billion in 2019.