Joe Biden’s Reporter Jibe Backfires, Sparking Fresh ‘Is He Okay?’ Concerns


Even the White House feels the need to comment on the current discussion about Joe Biden’s mental ability.

Karine Jean Pierre claimed on Monday that all recent videos showing the president as senile are “cheap fakes”, which means that they have been manipulated or created in some manner. There is no evidence to suggest that the video of Biden freezing and having to be led out by Barack Obama was altered in any way.

The video below showing the president talking with the same precision as a patient in a nursing home is not “misinformation.”

Not long after Jean Pierre’s gaslighting, a new “cheap fake” was released. Biden asked again, “Is he OK?” during a meeting in the Oval Office with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. moment.

I would have transcribed what you heard, but I don’t know what he was trying to say. He was trying to mock reporters shouting at him questions, but he came across like a bumbling old man making unintelligible sounds. This video is similar to a drunken homeless man who shouts at birds in a park.

What kind of president behaves that way? Biden’s ability to show his mental incapacity while simultaneously lowering the office is legendary. The president’s behavior has been a far cry from normalcy. He is a person who is angry and disrespectful. Coupled with his mental decline, it is not a pretty picture.

These videos serve only to increase the hype for the debate. At this rate, it may be the most-watched political event in American History. Americans will be glued in front of their TVs to see if Biden can deliver a performance that is even half-sentient.