Russia Snubs ‘Swiss Peace Conference’ with No-Show


The “meat-grinder” that kills and maims tens of thousands of young Russians, and Ukrainians, continues without end. There’s no need for Moscow to start talking now that Russia has a steadily increasing advantage on the battlefield.

Now, the cost of supplying Ukraine’s military with weapons is approaching $100 billion. The cost to rebuild the nation if Ukraine chooses to ask for peace is close half a billion dollars. It’s getting higher every day.

Currently, the United States stands firmly behind Kyiv. This may change next year. Vice President Kamala Harris dismissed that possibility and pledged America’s support for its efforts to achieve “justice and lasting peace.”

Harris, speaking to leaders of 100 nations and international organizations at the summit, said that “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is more than just an attack” on the lives and freedom of Ukrainians. It is not just an attack on the global energy and food supplies. “Russia’s aggression is an attack not only on global food security and energy supplies, but also international rules and standards and principles embodied within the U.N. Charter,” Harris stated.

These rules, standards, and principles will only be as effective as the people who enforce them. The United States must enforce these rules, principles, and norms or else they are just words on paper.

Who else will do it? France?

Vladimir Putin has set up “conditions” to begin talks with Ukraine. They’re not much better than surrender conditions. After the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Russia’s occupied provinces including Donetsk and Luhansk as well as Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, peace negotiations can start.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, cannot do this. He has promised to “recover every inch” of Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

Many in the West believe that the only way to continue the war is by continuing it against Russia.


Serhii plokhy of Harvard University, one prominent historian sought for a broader perspective, said: “Forget Ukraine.” It’s not Ukraine, it is about you and us.

It is important to always remember that this war has been the largest in Europe and, by some measures, the world since 1945. The size of wars is important, as they are often the breaking point for nations and their future. This war will not be any different. The conflict is likely to continue, judging from the demands made by President Vladimir Putin on Friday. He demanded a temporary truce and peace talks as well as the withdrawal of Ukraine from large areas of territory.

Donald Trump does not believe that it is worth fighting to maintain the “world-order”. Several others in the U.S. are of the same opinion. There is no point in destroying the entire world. It is now blatantly obvious that Ukraine’s only chance of achieving its war goals is by enticing the United States into fighting for its reconstitution.

I don’t believe Biden is stupid enough to start a conflict with Russia over Ukraine. Other battles are far more important to the U.S.’s security. The Europeans are welcome to defend Ukraine.

The prospect of a war with a nuclear-armed power should also give everyone pause.