Kamala Harris Implies ‘Bidenomics’ Isn’t Working


On social media, Vice President Kamala Harris received a lot of criticism for claiming that the majority of Americans would “go bankrupt” if they had to pay $400 in an unplanned expense. She was also criticizing how difficult it was for American women to obtain abortions.

Harris, who spoke Friday at a discussion moderated by a local Iowan newspaper on “reproductive rights”, Harris spoke at length about how women in Iowa will endure economic hardship traveling to other states for a legal abortion post-Roe v. Wade if a court allows a state abortion bill to take effect.

Harris stated that “if she is a sole parent, she will have to be able to pay for childcare.” She’s going to lose work time. She may be entitled to paid leave for her family. She may not. She may have paid sick leave. She may not have paid sick leave. She’ll have to be able to pay for the plane, train, or bus. “Most Americans are only $400 away from bankruptcy.”

Conservatives on social media criticized the quote, claiming that President Biden’s policies are to blame for any economic hardships experienced by Americans after his more than two-year tenure in office.

Tim Scott, a Republican presidential candidate, responded: “Yeah. That’s Bidenomics. It’s a big problem.” The Biden-Harris Agenda has cost Americans $10,000 in purchasing power.

Citizen Free Press tweets “Thank you and your boss.”

Harris likely was referring to a report on the Economic Well-Being of the U.S. in 2022. A survey of households released this year showed that nearly 40% of Americans do not have enough cash to cover $400 emergency expenses and will need to borrow or use credit cards to pay for them.