Libs of TikTok Finally Shows Her Face, Reveals Amazing Gesture Made by Ron DeSantis


According to reports, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, like many of us is a fan of the Twitter account, Libs of TikTok. Chaya Raichik (ex-realty agent, current kryptonite for leftists everywhere), runs the account. It showcases the absurdity and brazenness of social media users who use their platforms to indoctrinate others. The beauty of the account is that Raichik holds a mirror up the evil and allows it to speak for itself with some commentary. The account was started in November 2020 by Raichik. It has 1.7 million followers.

Chaya Raichik’s ability to expose the left as they really are has made her a target. The still-unfolding Twitter files show that the left will use every means possible to silence critics and anyone they consider a threat to its power. Doxxing is one of their most dangerous tools. It involves publishing private information online in the hope that a jackbooted gang of thugs will come upon a private citizen to harass them and make them silent. Although it is a form of “activism”, it is a very vile one. They do it to celebrities like conservative Supreme Court justices, and to private citizens such as Chaya Raichik.

Amazingly, Raichik had been able to keep her identity — and her face — anonymous for the first eighteen months that her account existed and grew in popularity as she spotlighted the many misdeeds of the left. That all changed in April of this year when the tiresome activist “journalist” Taylor Lorenz doxxed Raichik in a New York Times article, which made it necessary for Raichik to relocate for her safety. Surely to Lorenz’s chagrin, the Libs of TikTok account remained active and her follower account multiplied like the loaves and fishes.

Raichik, who had previously called Tucker Carlson multiple times on Fox News’ primetime Fox News program, recently made a rare appearance on Carlson’s Fox Nation show, Tucker Carlson Today. It was her first public appearance, which was remarkable on its own. Tucker was left speechless by the story Raichik told about her experience after Lorenz doxxed her.

Raichik answered a question by Carlson about the support that she received after being doxxed. She revealed that Ron DeSantis provided her and her family with a safe place to live.

Ron DeSantis’s team called me after I was doxxed. She said that the governor wanted me to send you a message. He stated, “If you feel unsafe, whether you are a family member or yourself, if there is a place you need to retreat, hide, or stay, then you can visit the Governor’s Mansion.” He stated, “We have a guesthouse for you and you can stay as long you like.”

Raichik informed her followers that after the video was posted, she thanked the governor for his offer. She tweeted: “I just got the chance to thank Ron DeSantis personally. He was so kind. He laughed it off. He replied, “Of course!” He said, “You do great work!” “It was not even a question, he is a genuine, kind-hearted person.”

DeSantis’ kind gesture speaks volumes about his character, and his determination to not bow to the woke mob. Chaya Raichik seems like DeSantis has found a friend in Chaya Raichik. She is similarly determined when dealing with the outraged left. The best thing about Libs of TikTok is that it merely broadcasts the left’s actions to the Twitterverse (and beyond). They can’t bear being exposed in this way and being powerless.

Taylor Lorenz could not be reached for comment.