Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass Continues Supporting DA George Gascon


Karen Bass is the Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate. She continues her support for George Gascon, Los Angeles County’s District Attorney.

Gascon sat in the front row as Bass launched her campaign for Mayor. When asked if she will campaign with Gascon and for him during the recall election, Bass said:

“My focus will remain on the Mayor’s Race…I won’t be focusing on recall. ”

She then added something very interesting that should be challenged by voters.

“Recall must pass the most critical hurdle. We don’t know if that will happen. From personal experience, it is unlikely that the recall would be accepted. I will instead be focusing my attention on the race to be the Mayor.

The Gascon recall campaign collected 715.833 signatures, as previously reported by Us. It will need to be verified by August 17 before it can be placed on November’s midterm ballot.

Rick Caruso, a billionaire developer and businessman who is Bass’ opponent supports recall. Caruso initially supported Gascon, but he later backed him and endorsed Jackie Lacey.

Caruso’s campaign for mayor of New York will look very similar to Mike Bloomberg, but I believe Caruso will do much more than Bloomberg.

Karen Bass has been involved in politics since the 1970s. However, she has never delivered to Los Angeles. She traveled to Cuba in 1973 as part of the Venceremos Brigade. This group organized half a century-long trip to Cuba for young leftist Americans.

If voters turn out in November to recall Gascon, Caruso will likely benefit from that, as he is tough-on-crime. He wants a return to law and order as well as help the homeless people get rehab and mental health help. But at the same time, he plans to ban encampments and return that space to the public as well as build more shelters for the homeless.

These two candidates cannot be more different than each other. Some days I don’t even recognize my city. But if Los Angeles wants a change for the better, to revive the city, and make this the dream place again, it starts with recalling Gascon and electing Caruso as Mayor.