Making Up Excuses: Biden Says Chinese Spy Balloon Incident Was Unintentional


Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in China today — a make-up trip that was supposed to take place last February except the Chinese rather rudely sent one of their spy balloons, bristling with antennae and communications dishes, across the entire breadth of the United States.

The Biden administration was not upset by the spy balloon that crossed over the U.S. military bases. It had been done before, and several times. The Biden administration didn’t want to make a statement in the name of “good relationships”. A newspaper editor from flyover country saw the balloon over the Montana missile field. The balloon then became a global incident, and Blinken had to cancel his China visit.

Over the past five months, the relationship between China and the United States has deteriorated. China is escalating tensions between the United States and China in the South China Sea, while also helping Russia to continue its war in Ukraine. Blinken was not welcomed warmly in Beijing. The Chinese showed the barest of diplomatic courtesies when greeting the U.S. secretary of state.

Our president did not let the cool reception stop him. He apologized on behalf of China for the balloon incident.

He said that “China has legitimate problems that are not related to the United States.” I do not think that the balloon was shot down. I believe that the leaders did know where it was and knew what was inside.

He said, “I thought it was more embarrassing than it was deliberate.”

God protect the Queen, right Joe Joe?

It’s not a good idea to pretend that the Communist leaders of China did not know their military sent a balloon across America’s width. It would be necessary for the Chinese government to approve and support any provocation of that nature — a “BFD” as Biden would call it.

Fox News:

More than a dozen Republican Senators complained to President Biden this week that the administration had not yet provided a public explanation of the “flagrant violation” of U.S. sovereignty by the spy balloon.

The lawmakers stated that “four months have passed since the Chinese surveillance balloon has been allowed to fly over the United States. Your administration still has not provided the American public with a full account of how the spy platform was permitted to cross sovereign U.S. land, what the ballon carried, and what data it collected on its mission.”

Biden stated that he hoped on Saturday to meet with Xi in order to discuss possible areas of cooperation between the two nations.

“I hope to meet with Xi in the next few months and talk about our legitimate differences but also areas where we can work together.

Republicans were indignant at Biden’s tepid attitude towards the spy balloon.

The New York Post quoted Mike Lawler, R-NY, as saying “I don’t know how the President can say that without a smile.” “Not only was this intentional, but it was also a direct threat against our national security.” China is our biggest geopolitical enemy.”

Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican from New York, said that Biden was not tough enough on China. The evidence examined by the House Oversight Committee indicates that Biden is compromised.

The Chinese are not interested in what Biden has to say. It is clear that the Chinese are becoming more aggressive toward Taiwan, and making unilateral moves in the South China Sea. President Xi Jiang sees what everyone else sees: the rapid mental and physical decline in an American president.