Manchin Won’t Rule Out Challenging Biden


During a live Q&A, Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said that he would challenge President Joe Biden to the Democratic nomination.

Robert Costa, CBS News’ Chief Election & Campaign Corespondent, noted that a growing number Americans don’t want Biden to win the nomination for the upcoming Presidential race.

Manchin stated that many politicians are “forced” into picking a side, even though they want to play it straight down to the middle.

“There are many people like me that will find that middle. If we can bring them together, and determine if there is a need, then we will see. “I think there are many different players in this game. I truly do.”

Manchin was one of the few Democrats who urged Biden to negotiate on the debt ceiling with Republicans. CNN recently heard Manchin say that Biden is a “reasonable guy” and that he doesn’t get why Biden won’t negotiate on the debt ceiling.

Although Biden has not yet declared his candidacy for 2024, a new ABC News/Washington Post survey found that the current administration is causing Americans to feel worse off in their financial situation. According to ABC News, the poll showed that 41% of Americans believe their financial situation has deteriorated since Biden became president. This is the highest number of polls conducted by ABC News/Washington Post dating back 37 years. Only 16% said that they are better off under Biden.