Maricopa County Delays Results Until After Weekend


Maricopa County, Arizona, has announced that it will not complete its voter count Friday. The Post Millennial reports that Maricopa County in Arizona has stated that it will not complete its vote count Friday.

Ali Bradley, a News Nation reporter tweeted: “Spokesperson for #MaricopaCounty elections tells me that majority ballots will not be completed being counted before the weekend. Initial estimates indicated that 95-99% of the ballots would be completed by Friday.

Machine malfunctions, printer problems, and other irregularities in Maricopa County raised eyebrows early on Election Day. But drops in game-day votes the night before and the next morning showed a shift to initial blue leads. This is because most Republicans voted via mail on Election Day.

The run-up and aftermath of Election Day saw attention paid to Blake Masters, the Senate candidate, and Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidates, as Arizona’s results were still being delayed.

The Post Millennial noted that Maricopa’s election officers are being criticized because they take too long to count votes, while Florida, which is larger, did it in one day.