Nevada Judge Dismisses ‘Fake Elector’ Case Against 6 GOP Defendants


Six defendants, who are all Republicans, were thrown out of the “fake voter” case by a Nevada district court judge. The judge said the Attorney General of Nevada brought the case to the wrong court. It was originally set to start in January 2025.

Fox News:

Holthus stated that Aaron Ford, the Nevada Attorney General at the time and a Democrat, chose the wrong court for the case.

Clark County, Nevada’s largest county, and Las Vegas the most Democratic city of Nevada.

Richard Wright, an attorney for Michael McDonald who is the state GOP chair and one of the defendants, has accused Ford that he had the case heard in Las Vegas rather than Carson City or Reno. The defendants are accused of signing and submitting false documents to reverse the election result for President Biden.

Judge Holthus was convinced by the defendant’s submissions that the prosecution’s case was flawed.

The defendants have claimed in court documents that the six Republicans were allegedly gathered at Carson City, Nevada’s capital city, located in a different county.

Shawn Meehan of Douglas County, a member of the national committee, Storey County Clerk Jim Hindle, and Eileen Rice, a member from Lake Tahoe, were also defendants. If found guilty, each of the defendants could have faced prison time.

Both accused each other of filing false documents and uttering forged documents, felonies punishable by up to four or five years in prison.

According to a spokesman for the state AG Ford, the prosecutors will “appeal as soon as the decision is announced”.

We will keep you informed of any new developments if warranted.