Eco-Terrorists Strike PGA Final Round: 18th Green Vandalized with Paint


The recent defacing of Stonehenge was done by environmental terrorists. They sprayed orange paint onto the iconic relic of 5,000 years old archeological history.

The protestors have been seen smearing their paint on priceless artwork and the glass that protects the Constitution. They’ve swarmed sporting occasions and are usually caught quickly. Broadcasters cut away to another subject and do not give them the time they deserve.

Protesters interrupted the Congressional Baseball charity match. The protestors were arrested and removed quickly. I’d rather they got airtime, so people could see how much oxygen they waste.

On Sunday I watched the final round of The Travelers, a signature golf tournament held in Connecticut. Scottie Scheffler, one of the best golfers in the world, and Tom Kim were fighting for the victory. Kim was a stroke behind Schefler and he needed to make a birdie to win. While both men were assessing their putts, a group of eco-terrorists stormed the 18th green and surrounded it. Two others were armed with paint and a flare. They hurried onto the 18th green and sprayed red and white paint.

This is what happened.

The police were quick in their response (although too late to prevent them from entering the green). The officials were tasked with cleaning up the green after the play was stopped. Players waited for about 10 minutes to get an answer. The greens are cleaned by blowing off the paint with a blower and then spot-cleaning with towels.

This will continue until each state passes laws making this a felony punishable by mandatory prison sentences.

What is the one good thing? The crowd of several thousands of spectators followed the boos by chanting “USA!” USA! USA!”

Scheffler was the winner of the tournament.