Newsom Wants A Cookie for California’s Performance Fixing Damage From the 10 Freeway Fire


On Saturday, November 11th, a massive fire erupted under the 10 Freeway in Los Angeles, which caused massive amounts of damage to one of the city’s major freeways. The fire, which was caused by arson, was centered in a major homeless encampment directly under the freeway overpass. The effects on LA city traffic were immediate and severe, as the 10 Freeway serves as one of the major traffic arteries in the city. On any given day, over 300,000 vehicles traverse the freeway, and residents were bracing for what looked like months of repairs at the very least.

Then Governor Newsom, with the full force of the government behind him, comes and saves us. So people thought.

Newsom invited all the political bigwigs, including Vice-President Kamala Harris to a press event on the 10 on November 19, to announce the opening of the freeway the following Monday. This was weeks and months earlier than expected. Harris, Newsom, and Los Angeles City Mayor Karen Bass all had smiles on their faces and were happy to see the freeway reopen. The message was loud and clear: local, state, and federal governments worked together to accomplish this task, and everyone should feel happy.

Newsom and other politicians present did not mention the message of government failure. This message was about the failure of the government. The fire, as mentioned above, was arson. A massive pile of pallets caught fire. They denied or avoided the fact that there was a large homeless camp within the towers.

We were let down by the government on all measurable metrics. The government failed to eradicate the homeless camps -a major issue on which Bass campaigned for her election. Candidate Bass promises to declare a homelessness state of emergency on the first day of her term.

When Governor Newsom, Mayor Bass, and Vice President Harris smile and brag about the success of their government, they are also showing a clear failure by omission. The public was led to believe that this was a cause for celebration. When was the last time that the government moved heavens and earth to accomplish a task that would have normally taken months? Answer: When a disaster occurs. But why must we wait until a disaster before the government can work so efficiently and quickly?

The government, be it local, state, or federal, shouldn’t have to wait until a disaster strikes to demonstrate its value. It is only because we do not hold our elected leaders and the governments they form accountable that this is the norm. When they tell us that it will take time to accomplish something, we always give in. We believe all their lies. They dance around this question, giving the most idiotic and inept response in the hope that we’ll just give up. This is what happened in this video between Elex Michaelson of FOX 11 News, LA, and Newsom.

Imagine the comedy gold if Vice President Harris had asked that question. Newsom answered the question and it should alarm everyone because he avoided it completely.

We elect the same liars, cheaters, and frauds to office. They are the same people who will lie to get elected, and promise to do things as quickly as they can but never deliver on their promises. This recent example, where the freeway was repaired in record-breaking time, is a failure. This was a failure because it demonstrated what government actions and functions should look like all the time, not only when they are vitally important. Every day is important and the government must act accordingly.