Paging Kamala Harris: So Many Illegal Aliens Dying at Border, It’s Overwhelming the Towns


I have previously reported on the scandalous treatment of children in Fort Bliss camp by the Biden Administration for illegal alien children.

There is also another negative result of the open border policy, which I mentioned in that story: a record number of illegal alien deaths.

Brandon Judd (president of the National Border Patrol Council) said, “It’s going be the most deadly year by far.” When you look back at the year before President Biden took office, there were just over 300 deaths. We’re now at 800. This is the most dangerous situation that we have ever seen. I will return to the fact that Democrats don’t care.

It’s only September, and it’s already more than twice what it was in any other year-almost triple the amount.

This is not only a huge human cost to illegal aliens who are killed trying to get here but also a problem for local authorities, Jorge Ventura, a Daily Caller reporter, explains.

Ventura was told by Tom Schmerber, Maverick County Sheriff, that they are receiving up to two people each day who might drown or become dehydrated. The funeral director in Eagle Pass is unable to accommodate more people because they have already had so many people. They’re keeping them in refrigerated trucks.

According to the sheriff, they attempt to identify people and to get in touch with relatives or the consulate of the deceased. The local authorities are often unable to identify the people. The local authorities will then have to handle it.

Chief Manuel Mello III, Eagle Pass Fire Department, stated that the daily task of recovering bodies has been extremely stressful for his staff.

Babysitters are also among the people who die.

They can’t handle the sheer number of people.

The liberal media lost their minds over Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis sent aliens to Martha’s Vineyard’s liberal enclave. That was called “cruel.”

Cruel is not keeping children in abusive situations, as the Biden Administration did. Cruel is allowing the border to remain open. This leads to people dying and the cartels exploiting the people.

But, where is the media? Kamala Harris is the supposed person to handle the border questions. This would be broadcast on all liberal networks 24/7 and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Democratic from New York, would be there crying at the Texas border if President Donald Trump was in charge. It’s Joe Biden so they don’t care.