Prosecutor Benched for Deadnaming Trans Child Abuser Accused of Murder


Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon suspended the attorney who tried to prosecute a trans child molester aged 26 who was only identified as a woman after DNA evidence connected her to a cold-case crime.

Shea Sanna was the lead prosecutor in part of the case. Shea is now charged with misgendering Hannah Tubbs, a child molester convicted, and she is also accused of “deadnaming” her. She is now being accused of beating a Kern County man to death with a rock.

Sanna has claimed that Tubbs used jailhouse telephone calls to try to manipulate the justice system. Sources say this argument made Gascon’s office uncomfortable, which led to Sanna being suspended.

He didn’t immediately respond to my request for comment Friday morning.

Tubbs, who used to be James Tubbs, has a long criminal history in California as well as Idaho. After being charged in a case involving child molestation, she was allegedly forced to identify herself as a female. She pleaded guilty in 2014 to assaulting a 10-year-old girl in Denny’s restroom stall.

Gascon sought to place the adult ex-con in a juvenile facility, as the crime took place before Gascon was 18.

“When you appear in court, address me as she.”

Hannah Tubbs calls her father from the jailhouse to make a phone call

Tubbs’ victim, now an adolescent, condemned Gascon last January and stated that the light sentence was unfair. She denied any sense of justice.

Fox News reported that she also heard her attacker use she/them pronouns. “It’s unfair to also try him as a woman, considering that he didn’t act like one at all on January 1, 2014.

Tubbs’ LA sentence was reduced after Kern County prosecutors brought forth felony charges including murder and robbery in connection to the death of Michael Clark in 2019. There she is currently being held on a $1 million bond. Jail records show her name as James Tubbs, while court records show Hannah Tubbs. March will be the next hearing.

Fox News obtained recordings from Tubbs’ jailhouse that show him denying it was wrong to attack the little girl, but gloating about the light punishment.

“I have also heard that my attacker uses she/them pronouns.” “It seems unfair to also try him as a woman, considering he didn’t act like one at the beginning of 2014”.

Tubbs was murdered

Gascon’s lenient policies regarding juvenile defendants meant that she would not be sent to jail again. She also boasted that nothing would happen after she pleaded guilty. She made unfitting remarks about the victim.

Tubbs informs her father to use female pronouns in one of the calls.

George Gascon was aware of Hannah Tubbs’ jail calls weeks before Jon Hatami.

Tubbs said, “So now they’re going put me with other trannies that have seen cases like mine or one tranny such as me that has a similar case to mine.” “So, when you appear in court, address me as she.”

She then says that she will be going to prison to have sex change surgery in order to enter the women’s facility. The other person responds, “There are some b—es there, too.”

Fox News learned that Tubbs was also accused of sexual molestation of a four-year-old girl in August 2013. This happened while Tubbs’ mother was “just a few more aisles” browsing books.

Tubbs pleaded not guilty in Kern County to the charges.