Rep. Massie Confirms Seat On ‘Church Committee,’ Vows To Reveal Any ‘Illegal Or Unconstitutional’ Gov’t Acts


Fox News host Tucker Carlson was informed Friday by Thomas Massie, a Republican Representative from Kentucky, that Kevin McCarthy would appoint him as a member of a “Church Committee” to investigate potential abuses by the federal government. He also promised to “forward” any “illegal” or “unconstitutional” findings.

Massie said that a lot of this was going to take place in the SCIF [Secure Compartmented Information Facility].” Carlson agreed. “You will need to trust the members of this committee. I will tell you what, if something fishy is going on, I will come out of SCIF to tell you. However, most of it will be behind closed door, classified information. We will report anything that we believe is illegal or in violation of the Constitution.

Two ballots for speaker on Friday saw McCarthy make progress, winning over 15 conservatives who had previously voted for another candidate. McCarthy is reported to have agreed to House Freedom Caucus’ proposals, including lowering the threshold for “motion to vacate” from one member to the House of Representatives.

The House will reconvene on Friday night.

Michael Shellenberger was provided with documents that showed the FBI had contacted Twitter to inquire about possible leaks concerning Hunter Biden before The New York Post reported on the contents of a laptop left by Biden at a computer shop. Twitter blocked The New York Post from its account before the 2020 presidential election. Joe Biden won narrowly in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

Massie stated that although we have seen the drama unfold on the House floor, behind-the scenes, along with the people who withheld their votes for Kevin McCarthy until the House made transformational changes, the House works in a way that allows us to work with them to ensure that the Church Committee is established. Massie added that she was grateful for the suggestion that she should be on it. Massie also said that he doesn’t know if Massie is clairvoyant, or if the future has already happened.

Massie stated, “We wanted to make sure that this committee was not going to be enclosed in, and that it wasn’t going to become a show committee.” “We wanted to ensure that we had full jurisdiction. We have a guarantee that we will be able to go where the evidence leads us, even if another agency three-letters doesn’t tell us.