Reporter Grills Hank Johnson Over Bizarre Border Crisis Claims


Democrats may run away from Joe Biden border crisis, but they can’t hide.

This was the gist of what Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn said to Rep. Hank Johnson, (D-Ga.), during a short but heated exchange on Capitol Hill on Wednesday about the record number of illegal immigrants that continue to flood the southern border of the United States due to the lax policy of the Biden Administration.

Vaughn snagged Johnson in a crowded hallway in order to ask him a question. Instead of admitting the problem, Johnson told her – in such strong words – that it did not exist.

People are breaking the law, and paying a criminal group to do so to be at the front of the line. Do you find that concerning? Vaughn asked.

Johnson’s first response was to ask Vaughn, “Have You Ever Been to the Border Before to See What’s Happening?”

Vaughn nodded to Johnson before Johnson could finish his question. He told him, “Yes, yes, I spent a lot of time at the border. Yeah,” which would have surprised Johnson and made him think before he said the next sentence.

But it didn’t.

Johnson said, “You did not talk to the right people.” Your information and your question are based on, well, I guess your questions were a little off-base.


Maybe Johnson should talk to Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, who is on the border every day and knows what happens there.

Bill Melugin is a Vaughn colleague who has covered the border crisis in depth for more than two years and regularly fact-checks claims made by the Biden White House.

Johnson’s “completely detached from reality” was a good description of him. He once expressed his concern, during a hearing in 2010 by the House Armed Services Committee, that Guam might “tip over and capsize”, due to its large military presence.

Johnson is just one of the many Congressional Democrats who prefer to ignore the crisis as it worsens. However, there are Democrats who do take the issue seriously. Like Eagle Pass’ angry Democrat Mayor Rolando Salinas. He has recently criticized the Biden-Harris Administration for their inaction and told reporters that he, along with the residents of Eagle Pass, “feel abandoned” by them.

El Paso’s mayor Oscar Leeser – who is also a Democrat – declared on Saturday that the city was at a “breakpoint right now.”

All available polling data suggests that, despite Johnson’s gaslighting, and the Biden White House’s continuing spin, a majority of Americans are seeing through it. This issue will be important to them in the 2024 election.