White House’s Explanation for Biden’s NATO Dinner No-Show Falls Flat


It is not surprising that President Joe Biden had some frightening moments during his trip to Europe for the NATO Summit. Biden was led by Prince Charles around Windsor Castle after he became confused. Biden held Prince Charles III’s hand at one point – perhaps for support – as they walked towards their destination.

Biden’s trip to Lithuania the day after his meeting with King Charles was full of confusion. The Lithuanian president Gitanas Nuseda was forced to physically move Biden at one point.

Biden’s decision not to attend an important NATO dinner and instead send Sec. of State Blinken, in his place:

Joe Biden, the President of the United States has drawn criticism for his decision not to attend a dinner with NATO leaders on Tuesday night and instead go straight to his hotel.

The President was snubbed after telling Recep Erdogan that he’d win his reelection and work with him for 5 years.

Biden, who will be 86 by the time he finishes his second term in office, is confident about his chances of winning in 2024.

A “US official” told reporters that the president was on official business in the US for four days, and he is preparing an important speech for tomorrow.

Is it possible to have “four days of official work?” What is the answer? According to The Daily Mail, Biden arrived in Europe Sunday night following a relaxing day at Rehoboth Beach.

Scrolling on Biden’s smartphone while he lies on the beach is considered “official business” these days.

Biden spent his second consecutive weekend with his family in Camp David, celebrating the Fourth of July holiday.

Biden’s handlers refused to explain the reason for this “last-minute” change. His handlers have refused to give a reason for the “last-minute change”.

You can rest assured that, even though Biden is reportedly too tired to come to the dinner after two days of rubbing elbows, Kamala Harris, Vice President, will be there to assist us. Oh, wait.

Move along here, folks, nothing at all to see. Just our fearless leader unable to do his job and those who surround him refusing to be upfront and honest with the public about what exactly is going on, all while his second in command does absolutely nothing to inspire confidence on the homefront.