Who is Trump’s New Controversial Potential Running Mate for 2024?


Most of us figured that Trump would run for President in 2024, and the only certain thing is that Mike Pence would not be his running-mate.

Everyone naturally asked: “Who is Trump’s running mate in 2024? ”

We’ve heard several names floated. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y), Kari Lake (R-Ariz.), former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) were all under consideration at one point.

Kellyanne Conway said last year that Trump will pick a female running mate. Conway stated, “I think that if Trump decided to run again in 2024, or whoever the Republican nominee is, that he would either seriously consider selecting a female as a running partner, or, if he does not, then it will be a woman.”

Trump has also considered another woman to run as his running mate. It is expected that this name will be just as controversial.

CBS News stated that Trump “asked his allies and advisers what they thought of Nikki Haley as a potential vice presidential candidate”.

These GOP sources claim that the MAGA crowd is against Haley on the ticket if Trump wins the GOP nomination. Politico first reported that Trump’s supporters were working to prevent a Trump-Haley ticket.

Haley has been gaining ground in recent polls. According to a top Trump adviser, CBS News, an internal prediction indicated that Haley would be second or third in Iowa, behind DeSantis.

In a Friday interview with Hugh Hewitt, Trump called polls showing Haley performing well “fake”. He stated that he was not worried about Haley’s challenge.

Haley claims that she has “surged” in the polls, and tells New Hampshire voters that Trump is still in the lead. Haley gained ground on Trump according to the most recent CBS News poll. However, Trump is still in the lead in Iowa. In New Hampshire, Trump is ahead with 44% to Haley’s 29,

A Politico report claims that MAGA supporters would be outraged at the prospect of Trump and Haley on a ticket.

Conservative circles believe Haley would make a great running mate due to her electoral strength. She is ahead of Joe Biden, the former president of the United States, in both battleground states and nationwide. Trump’s allies are quick to express their concern that Haley does not align with his supporters. The media has been bombarded with a barrage of messages aimed at Haley.

Donald Trump Jr. said on Newsmax he would “go to great lengths” to make sure his father didn’t pick Haley. Tucker Carlson – former Fox News host, frequent contact with the former President – stated this week on a conservative talk radio show that he “will advocate strongly against” a Trump/Haley team.

Roger Stone is the Republican strategist who served as an adviser to George H.W. Bush. He told POLITICO that he “personally opposed such a decision because Haley’s views differ so much from those of Donald Trump.

Haley has claimed to not be interested in running for vice president: “It’s not even a conversation, and it doesn’t matter what candidate wants me to answer it: I don’t play for second,” Haley said earlier this week. “It’s offensive when anybody says that, ‘Oh, she wants to be vice president.’ You don’t do something like this to be vice president. You don’t sacrifice emotionally, mentally, physically with your family, everything to come in second.”