Widespread Mass Looting Overnight in Philly


Philadelphia has been hit by a wave of looting. Many stores, including Lululemon’s and Apple Store’s, have been looted. Also, they looted the Foot Locker near the Liberty Bell.

Flashback to 2020

A woman shouted, “Everyone Must Eat!” When a wine store was looted

Thugs looted Popeyes Restaurant:

According to a Twitter/X post from PhillyCrimeUpdate, emergency response switchboards are lit up with calls.

Unconfirmed information suggests that looters livestream, monitor police scanners, and coordinate on social media.

Theft does not happen in one location:

In certain parts of the city, police officers are not a joke.

Eddie Irizarry, a Hispanic man, pulled a knife on cops while in his car.


A Philadelphia Police officer Mark Dial was cleared of all charges, including murder, after he shot and killed a driver in his car while seated.

Wendy Pew made her decision after watching a video of the fatal shooting of Eddie Irizarry, 27. The defense claimed that Mark Dial had acted in self-defense when he fired his weapon through Irizarryโ€™s rolled-up driverโ€™s window on August 14. ….

Dialโ€™s family believes that Dial deserves a lengthy sentence. The defense has criticized Krasner for charging Dial as a murderer.

Brian McMonagle is an attorney, who told reporters this month that when he was asked to show his hands, he pointed a gun at a policeman with a weapon.

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney stirred the pot by tweeting his support for the man who stabbed the police officers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Krasner… thought the policy would make Philadelphia a safer place over time. “When you keep people in touch with what they need to remain on track and don’t tear their lives apart, you’re less likely to see them commit crimes.”

How are you doing, Larry?

NBC Philadelphia dismissed looting by a group of juveniles as a bunch of naughty children.

Hakeem Russell, a Wendy’s security guard in Chicago, reported to reporters that the store next to Wendy’s, on Chestnut Street, had been broken into and the guard assaulted.

Russel said that “a few kids decided to take advantage of this unjust killing.” “There has been much unrest since the verdict. ”

According to witnesses, groups of 100-200 kids are looting shops while wearing masks.

PhillyCrimeUpdate monitors police scanners. Hear live below:

Please pray for the safety of these people.