Biden’s Teleprompter Troubles Continue in South Carolina


How bad is the situation in the current administration? The situation is so bad, they have settled on “Bidenomics”, as a messaging strategy. The president and his handlers seem to believe that attaching his name to the current economic malaise would be a positive thing compared with the alternative.

Do you feel the recovery? Yeah, I thought so.

Joe Biden, however, wants you to be grateful for his leadership. He appeared in South Carolina, on Thursday, to promote Bidenomics. In doing so, he fought the podium, the Teleprompter, and the truth.

This stuff is often played as a joke, but it comes across as extremely awkward. He turned around with his mouth wide open and began kicking the podium to indicate that it was not working. What is funny about this? While the crowd laughs at the end, it’s likely that most people didn’t understand what he was saying. I had to listen carefully several times before I could make out what he was saying.

Biden then went on to fight the teleprompter. I’ll just remind everyone that it is a huge television with letters as big as your head. Be sure to pay attention to how squinting is used throughout the clip.

Biden: It’s important to restore some pride. It’s important to restore some pride.

I don’t know why they treat him this way. What is the benefit of Biden doing “rallies” or speaking in public? It’s a way for him to show Americans how old he is and to undermine his staff. We’re talking about someone who uses a huge TV instead of teleprompters and still cannot read it.

But don’t worry. Although his eyesight is fading, the president is still a very capable man.

This is a claim Biden has made in the past, and it’s still absurd. Before COVID-19, everyone knew what supply chain meant. Millions of Americans were not confused by some mysterious mystery. I can understand why the president wants to make it seem like the supply chain has been a complete disaster since he took over. Next time, maybe electing someone with basic knowledge should be the prerequisite.

Biden then moved on to infrastructure.

The Bidens may not understand speed limits, given that Hunter can drive 172mph on crack. But I’m sure nobody will be able to drive 100mph through the future Hudson Tunnel when construction is complete. The project has not even started, and that is the most important thing. The Biden administration has nothing but smoke and mirrors. It’s not impressive to allocate a massive amount of taxpayer money when you are deeply in debt. It’s just exploitation.

Biden lied about wages.

I don’t believe most people realize how much they have lost during the Biden Administration. The president certainly doesn’t. Since Biden’s election, the cumulative inflation rate has reached 20 percent. The wage growth is nowhere near that level, and the people are now left to manage their decline. The president should stop insulting people’s intelligence when he claims the opposite. The wages are not going up because wages don’t exist in a vacuum.

If this is what we can expect with “Bidenomics”, I don’t think it will resonate.