British Conservatives Suffer Historic Defeat; Keir Starmer Becomes New Prime Minister


The Labor Party of Britain won a historic victory on Thursday by a landslide, winning 412 out of 650 Parliamentary seats. Labor returns to power after 14 years with this election victory. The Conservative Party had its worst performance in its 190-year history. They lost 250 seats. The party will have 121 seats in Parliament.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of India, submitted his resignation to King Charles 2 early on Friday morning. It was accepted immediately. Sir Keir, an experienced lawyer and former prosecutor who is a lawyer, will become the next prime minister. He entered politics as a Labor leader in 2020. He ran under the following platform:

  • Health: Reduce NHS waiting lists with 40,000 additional appointments per week. This will be funded by closing tax loopholes and tackling tax avoidance.
  • Immigration: Establish a “border security command” to prevent people-smuggling groups from organizing small boat crossings.
  • Housing: Reform planning laws to build 1.5m new houses and introduce a program that gives first-time homebuyers “first dibs”.
  • Education: End tax breaks for private schools to pay for 6,500 new teachers.

Sunak called a snap election for May, even though his party was losing in the polls.

The Conservatives’ devastating loss yesterday was nuanced because of the British parliamentary structure. Labor’s winning of a third in the popular vote led to it gaining nearly two-thirds of the seats.

The Scottish National Party has been wiped out. The Scottish National Party lost 38 seats and now has just nine. The Reform Party gained four seats, sending Nigel Farage to Parliament for the first time. What this means will be determined by the results of future elections. I believe that Reform’s role was to hand the government over to Labor in protest against the Conservative’s embrace of COVID lockdowns, rampant illegal immigration, and wokeness.