CNN Anchor Reportedly on Leave After Investigation


It is possible that there will be another shakeup at CNN. This time, it will involve Jim Sciutto.

It sounds like there’s a rich backstory too.

According to the Daily Mail, Sciutto was granted leave to address a personal problem following a fall while in Amsterdam earlier this summer. CNN did not respond to questions regarding this story. He also published a CNN article on the possible Russian nuclear escalation of Ukraine.

This week, the Daily Beast’s Confider newsletter reported that Sciutto was under investigation by CNN. After he was returning from a trip to Ukraine, he fell in Amsterdam. CNN had its teams fly home from Poland as well.

The question was, “What was Sciutto doing in Amsterdam?” Confider says Sciutto has now been “adjusted” following the fall.

Sciutto was married to Gloria Rivera. They were ex-ABC News correspondents. His first trip in 2011 was three trips to Ukraine in February and March.

Sciutto’s mysterious exit is the latest episode of the ongoing CNN drama.

Chris Licht, CEO of CNN, has apparently thrown out Jeff Zucker and Brian Stelter in an attempt to refocus CNN on news. He will co-anchor the morning show along with Kaitlan Collins, Poppy Harlow, and Laura Coates on October 7.

Sciutto was an ex-Obama chief of staff. It’s not clear how long this “leave” (or should we say suspension) will last.