Does Joe Biden Even Understand What LGBTQ Is?


We are all thankful that Joe Biden signed an executive order to support the LGBTQ community, despite gas prices and inflation reaching historic highs. Priorities!

Have you ever wondered if Joe Biden actually understands the LGBTQ/Pride stuff he repeats from his teleprompter or if he is just following the script that his handlers have given him?

Because Joe Biden, the White House Pride organizer on Wednesday, omitted the acronym for the community that he claims to be the greatest advocate for.

In fairness to Biden’s point of view, I think the acronym is susceptible to change from minute to minute. Quick internet searches reveal that LGBTQIAPK (or LGBTQQIP2SAA) are both commonly accepted versions of this acronym. You don’t have to ask me about their meanings. I don’t even know. Let’s face the truth, even if these were on Biden’s teleprompter, would you believe that he would get them right.

You are not the only one.

We can’t really expect Biden to be able to write letters correctly, but it would be reasonable to assume that he would know the basics. Do you know what the L stands for? Or not.

He corrected himself at least, but it’s clear that he doesn’t really understand what he is talking about.

This would be the same as for every other issue.