Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Says Trump Can’t Win the General Election


Vivek (or another player who will be announced later) has a better chance of getting into the Naval Observatory now that Donald Trump is no longer a potential veep. Nikki Haley, former UN ambassador, and ex-governor for South Carolina, appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box Monday morning to give her opinion about the presidential race in 2024. She told the panel she doesn’t think Trump will win the general elections.

Haley quickly pointed out that she was not a Trump critic and that, depending on the circumstances surrounding a particular comment or action, she would praise and chide him. Haley responded to the host’s question by saying, “I’ve said it very clear that we need a generational leader.” Haley said that we need to move on from this negativity. She stated that she would back Trump if he won the nomination. She added, “I’m not going to have a president Kamala Harris.” After that, she commented that the GOP couldn’t have Trump as a candidate because he cannot win a general election. She said that Republicans needed “someone who could actually win”. She rejected being Trump’s vice president, saying she didn’t “play second”. She predicted that her numbers would increase once she appeared on the stage of the debate next month.

Haley said that the contest in 2024 will be similar to the 2016 race, referring to Ted Cruz’s rising poll numbers. Haley is therefore “in it for the win” but, according to a Washington Examiner report, Haley came in second in a recent poll conducted in South Carolina. The Examiner reported a Trump lead of 34 points. Haley scored 14%. If you’re keeping score, Desantis scored 13% and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott got 10%. Other candidates didn’t poll above double digits. Newsmax reported that at the recent Turning Point Action Conference a straw poll on presidential candidates resulted in Trump receiving 86%. Haley declined to attend. It’s odd, given that she had advocated for a “new leader” on Monday morning. There were plenty of conservatives from the “new generation”.

Haley may be counting on the support of Republicans who are anti-Trump or just tired of all the indictments. She may also believe that Trump’s reputation is so tarnished that he no longer has a chance of winning the election. The current numbers do not support that. Trump, regardless of the way he’s portrayed by the media, is almost certain to be the presumptive candidate, as long as he’s not physically jailed.

Watch the entire video below.