Is Andrew Yang Dreaming Big or Making a Play to Rejoin the Democratic Party?


Remember Andrew Yang? We hardly remember. Yang was a big hit in the 2020 Democrat Primary as a young, fresh-faced Millennial that could unite the two factions within the Democrat Party – and perhaps even the entire nation. Yang’s unity politics were rejected again when the Democrat Party renounced such nonsense and nominated then-VP Joe Biden to be the party’s nominee. In 2021 he quit the Democrat Party and wrote a letter to John. He then registered as an Independent.

I want to do everything possible to help our society. Our system is not moving forward despite the great public servants who do amazing work every day. The system is stuck partly because of the polarization that is worsening. Many people I know do all they can to help, but their influence is limited. Since I am no longer a part of any party, I can now be more honest with the system and its people.

Yang tried to turn these noble goals and the outsider momentum in 2022 into “The Forward Party.” Yang believed that the combination of Open Primaries with Ranked Choice Voting would be the key to reforming our two-party system. His third-party attempts made a splash but eventually went nowhere. The demand for greater attention to election integrity, coupled with the disastrous results of Ranked Choice voting in places such as Alaska, Maine and New York has led to a growing pushback against this concept. Yang has also been criticized for this. Like the “No Labels Party”, the unified goals and common ground of Yang are not very appealing to Americans. The American people want leaders that will uphold the Constitution, and civil liberties and focus on all Americans, not just special interest groups. They also want leaders to lead and not seek consensus.

Like every other wannabe, hanger-on, and also-ran who has been around Democrat Party Politics, it hasn’t stopped him from weighing in on whether Joe Biden ought to step down. Satamian posted an X from Yang which read: “You know if we had Democratic primary debates, we would have figured out this 6 months ago.” #swapJoeout This is a strange take on the matter, as a Democrat primary did not prevent them from nominating Biden for 2020. The post was given the right rating, as it did a great job of exposing Yang’s true motives.

Bingo. Not only are they struggling to stay relevant, but also to get back into the Democrat Party. Yang’s obsequious behavior was confirmed by a post he made hours later.

Joe Biden would go down in history as one of America’s greatest presidents. His legacy would be one that embodied personal triumph and nobleness. #swapJoeout

First thought: Where can I buy the product he is smoking? Wall Street Silver beat us to the punch.

Some commenters were much more specific. Warning: the imagery is graphic.

The X-verse also noticed that Yang was trying to play two ends against the center. How can Yang, the leader of the Democrat Party, be considered a good leader if the Democrat Party he left is so broken? Make sense.

Then there are the illusions that have been shattered. It was revealed that their populist idol had feet of clay.

Yang will say anything he wants to if it means he can sit at the table with the new Democrat government, whether or not Biden is there. He was promised something, and he is one of many barbarians who are at the gates of this bloodless coup. It’s not surprising, but it is sad.