Joe Biden Delivers The Most Expensive 4th Of July In History


Joe Biden used the 4th of July to make Americans believe inflation wasn’t a big deal. It was just a Republican talking point. This is the White House’s nonsense, with all its bad puns. Remember the horseshit that forgot that gas was already at well over $3.00 per gallon. (This sounds just like the old days )…).

According to an American Farm Bureau Federation survey, ground beef prices have increased 36% compared to last year. Chicken breasts are up by a third. The average barbecue party guest will spend 17% more, which is the largest increase in food costs since the lobbying group began keeping track of data a decade ago.

According to the group, the cost of an Independence Day dinner declined by less that 1% in 2021. However, much has changed in the intervening years. The cost of fuel, labor, and key inputs such as fertilizer has risen. Russia’s invasion in Ukraine has made the situation worse by disrupting global agricultural supply chains. Roger Cryan (chief economist at the Farm Bureau), stated that this is true.

Just as one measure of US consumer sentiment dropped to an all time low, Americans are paying more for lemonade and burgers (up 22%) It remains to be seen how this will affect spending, but shoppers did pull back in May and there are more signs of a recession.

Groceries are demoralizing and shockingly high. Five bratwursts cost me $8 last week. You leave the store with two bags and $100 less. It freaks you out. This is why we are heading into a recession.

There were so many summer plans that I wanted to make. Maybe new carpeting. Remodel a bathroom. These prices can have a psychological impact. These prices make you want to save, dig in, and wait. Once we stop spending, it’s when we hit a recession. This is what I have been warning about for over a year.

It is impossible to raise gas prices as Biden did and still slow down the economy. The economy is energy. I’m no genius. I am just someone who isn’t easily fooled by talk points. I am a simple guy and I don’t lose sight of the basics. Gas costs $5.00 per gallon. You are in a recession.

This will lead to a prolonged recession because Biden refuses (and is unwilling) to do the right thing (drill baby drill) to lower gas prices. Low-cost energy lowers the cost of everything. This includes manufacturing, shipping, storage, and retail outlets that keep the lights on. Biden begs the Saudis to solve this problem. Saudis hate America and use this power to make life harder. America is rich in natural resources, including energy. We only need leaders who care about every American more than the corrupt liars of the global warming movement (which is a hoax).

Keep in mind that humans need shelter, food, and energy to survive. These are the essentials that not only support life, but also make a difference in quality of our lives. Life isn’t just good if we have a place where we can live, food to eat and climate control (through energy), it is also better than ever before in human history.

Democrats such as Joe Biden actively and purposefully seek to undermine this. Democrats are able to cause a boom in energy and food prices, which causes housing to become scarce and expensive (see California).


Democrats view human beings like a disease that kills their Mother Earth. Because they can’t control us, Democrats hate every American — which is why Americans are so awesome. This is why Democrats flood the country in illegal aliens to replace us. They want America to look like Southern California.

California, with 21st century technology, shouldn’t be facing water, housing and energy shortages. Nuclear power! Desalination plants! Reservoirs! There are endless acres of land that can be used to build homes. There is an endless supply of lumber that can be used to build these homes. They won’t. That’s a choice.

Democrats desire a country where cheap labor lives in poverty while they live in high-rises with air conditioning.