Mom Stands Up to School After They Try to Kick Out Son for Wearing Gadsden Flag Patch


Jaiden, a 12-year-old student at The Vanguard School, Colorado Springs, got into trouble with his teachers when he was caught wearing a backpack featuring a Gadsden patch. Jaiden was thrown out of class, and his mother called the office for a discussion about the wrong Jaiden did.

One of the staff members said that the flag was not allowed at the school because it “originated in slavery and slave trade.” Jaiden was clearly delighted by this revelation, as he clearly knew more about the history of his country than his school.

The American flag was a popular symbol during the Revolutionary War, as it represented the resistance of the American people against the British monarchy’s tyranny. This was the cause of the war which led to the birth of what was eventually the United States.

In a video obtained Tuttle Twins’ author Connor Boyack explains to the parent how the flag is racist. The mother, however, does not let this falsehood go and immediately corrects the staff member by telling her the Gadsden Flag’s origin and meaning.

“Yeah. It has nothing to with slavery.” “It’s just like the Revolutionary War patches that were displayed when they fought the British,” said the mother.

The school employee began shaking her head and waving her arms as she spoke. The staff member said that once the mother concluded by saying that she may have been thinking about the Confederate Flag she was enforcing a policy that the mother has every right to disagree.

The mother was not placated by this and continued to say that even the ACLU noted that Jaiden had the right to wear the patch if so desired.

The school staffer, who had tried to convince Jaiden that the flag was racist, kept referring back to the “school policies” but the mother ended beautifully. She said that in 7th grade, the school taught about the Revolutionary War and that the Founding Fathers stood against unjust laws… just like the policy that got Jaiden kicked out of class.

Boyack points out that the story is not over.

Jeff Yocum, Director of Operations at the Vanguard School, tried to justify the school’s Gadsden Flag policy by citing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which stated that the flag was “originally used in the Revolutionary War, in a context free of racism.” He added, however, “Whatever its historic origins and significance, it has sometimes been interpreted as conveying a racially-tinged message.”

Yocum backed up his claim by quoting a “graphic designer scholar” who stated in an article on that “some may see the Gadsden Flag as a symbol for intolerance, hate or racism.”

Yocum then claimed that Jaiden had broken a rule when he displayed the flag because it was against school policy to display anything that mentioned “drugs or alcohol” or “weapons.”

You’re not the only one who feels that Yocum is scrambling to justify this false and obviously biased interpretation of a patriotic banner.

Jaiden tried to tell his story to local media but they refused to interview him.

Jaiden’s parents and Jaiden aren’t finished fighting back.

Jaiden’s story isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. Every time you log onto the internet, there’s a new article about a school trying to indoctrinate its students with anti-American views, pro-LGBT positions, and all sorts of leftist ideologies. Libs of TikTok and other X accounts give you a glimpse into the education system, where “educators”, who proudly call themselves that, admit to brainwashing students as best they can. They also display their own symbols, such as the “progress” flag or the Black Lives Matter banner.

Parents are forced to wage a war with modern schools, and not only with them, but also with culture in general. These activists, posing as teachers, believe that America’s kids — your kids — are the key to a cultural takeover that will lead their radical views to become the norm. They only need to indoctrinate the child behind your back and they’ll be in charge in less than a decade.

This is a good strategy if only parents didn’t fight back so much.

Parents who are motivated to act can become the most influential unofficial political party in the country, capable of changing the composition of school boards, and even the gubernatorial office.

The left is so afraid of these groups, that it has tried to discredit and destroy them by law enforcement.

If you push them too far, parents may also get physically aggressive. Parents from both religions will unite to push back the activists.

The radicals of the left do not understand that it isn’t a symbolic gesture, but rather about their children being raised in a country that values freedom of thought, expression, worship, independence, and equal opportunities. It’s about the health and safety of their children. They cannot lose because their children will suffer if they fail.

Parents do not lose if they accumulate, but they must amass. As long as parents stay in the battle and teach their kids right, they have a good chance. Stay informed and continue to fight.