White House Refuses to Explain Biden’s Doctor Visit, Fueling Speculation


Joe Biden appears to be on vacation all the time. He has spent nearly 40 percent of the time he was in office on vacation. He has a light schedule even when he is “at work” and calls it an “early lid”.

Biden spent most of August away from home. When he returned, he seemed to be getting worse. He was incoherent and confused, and he now appears to zone out more.

I reported Tuesday that a new AP/NORC survey indicated that 77 percent of Americans thought he was too old to run for a second time, including 69 percent of Democrats. Joe Biden was described as “old”, “outdated”, “retirement”, “elderly”, “aging”, “senile” and “dementia”.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary was asked about Biden and his poll. AP reporter Chris Megerian questioned if the White House had plans to “demonstrate”, how Biden would do his job and calm voters’ concerns.

Jean-Pierre’s answer was a dodge, essentially repeating that people should “watch him” if they have any doubts.

Jean-Pierre replied, “I understand the question. Jean-Pierre replied, “I get this question often. “What I will say, and this is something I have said many times before, the president has said this.” You can see that he has been a president with a very historic presidency in only two years if you look at him.

It’s obvious that Americans are watching him, and they’ve noticed the problems. They also have questions. The White House’s refusal to answer the question doesn’t do anything to reassure people.

Megerian also asked her about how the media had seen Biden enter the Oval Office shortly before the briefing with his personal doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

“Is there an upcoming appointment?” “Has he a medical concern?” He asked.

Jean-Pierre replied, “This is the very first time that I have heard of it.” “I didn’t see it, so I can’t comment on that.” “I just don’t understand.”

Jean-Pierre’s refusal to answer that question raises more questions. One would assume that if it was a regular scheduled check-up, or similar, she would have been aware. She claims not to know and that no one told her. This raises many questions. If she knows why but doesn’t want an answer, it’s more concerning. You can be sure that if they aren’t forthcoming about the reason for the doctor’s visit, there is a problem and they’re not being transparent. Does he receive any treatment during these vacations? Does the doctor address more of these problems that we see? The more they avoid it, the worse it gets