NYC Shelters Hit a Breaking Point as Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Locals


New York deserves a lot of credit. Under the leadership of Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams New York has a good chance of annihilating itself, with possible exceptions to some precincts in upstate New York and possibly some areas near Pennsylvania. New York City and the rest of the state seemed to be playing the classic “Stop Hitting Yourself” game.

In this case, New York is not being forced to punch itself. It does it of its own free will. While I am grateful that I don’t live in New York City, I have to admire how committed the mayor and governor are to their kamikaze style of government. They’re doomed but they are all in. This kind of dedication is rare these days. You have to admire that in a Daliesque, William Burroughs, or Marx Brothers way.

NYC is at a pivotal moment in its history. First time in history, the number of illegal immigrants living in NYC’s shelters has exceeded the actual population. The Left may try to convince us that everything is balloons and cupcakes, but New York City has been overrun by illegal immigrants.

NBC New York:

The tipping point occurred Sunday when the City received 50,000 migrants, a number that was greater than the 49,700 residents of the local shelter.

The NYC shelter system is essentially twice as large due to an influx of Latin American migrants, mainly from Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Moreover, the cost of housing asylum seekers is higher. Many asylum seekers are unable to pay for essentials without work permits. The migrants are not entitled to the same benefits as citizens and the city does not receive its usual share from the federal and state governments for shelter costs.

The station spoke with Anne Williams-Isom, Deputy Mayor of the City. She said the city would spend $4.3 billion in the area through spring next year. The city claims it will reroute a “significant” number of illegals into what it calls “other destinations.” This is another example of a leftist bastion demanding someone else to pay for the cost because they declared themselves a sanctuary city. Mayor Adams: You broke it and you bought it. You must have spare rooms in Gracie Mansion.

Other migrants who adhered to the rules are not happy with this situation. Veronica Nyarko emigrated to Ghana and told the station: “I am a citizen since 1980, but I did not come this way. I went through the correct channel. Why don’t they go through the right channel? “Now we’re paying them!”

This is a valid concern that Adams would be able to address if he weren’t so busy criticizing New Yorkers who complain about rent hikes. Jeanie Dubnau – assistant professor of biology and resident of the city for 50 years – spoke out against the rent increases at a meeting on Wednesday night. Dubnau is, by the way, white. Adams responded, “I am the mayor of this town, so treat me with respect.” According to the New York Post. Do not treat the person in front of you like someone who lives on your plantation.

Racism is the cure-all, the distraction, for all things, including accountability demands. What can it do, really?

New York, stop hitting yourself. Stop sneezing, blood, and other gross stuff on the rest of us.