Officials Say Israeli Embassy Employee Attacked In China


Chinese police and Israel’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that a staff member at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing was stabbed in a supermarket on Friday.

Beijing police reported that they had arrested an unidentified 53-year-old foreigner. The victim was described as the family member of an Israeli diplomatic. The Associated Press reported that no motive for the attack was given, nor was it clear if the attack was related to the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants.

The employee has been transferred to a hospital and is in stable condition.

U.S. After hearing of the attack, Ambassador Nicholas Burns offered his support to Israelis living in China.

“We are shocked at the attack today on an Israeli diplomat in Beijing. Burns stated that he spoke to Israel’s ambassador to China, Irit Abba. “We have offered full support to both the Israeli Embassy in China and to the Israeli community there,” Burns added.