Troubling Detail on Upcoming Joe Biden Border Visit Sounds All Too Familiar


Mainstream media journalists were racing to Twitter to report that President Joe Biden would finally visit the southern border.

Biden was asked by a reporter if he planned to visit the border on his next trip to Mexico. He will be meeting with Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Mexican President to discuss regional issues including the border crisis.

Biden replied, “That’s my intention.” “We are working on the details right now.”


Evidently, “the details” are now in place, and we know that Biden will be visiting El Paso on Sunday.

Politico reports that officials claim Biden intends to “address the border enforcement operations” and meet with local officials while there. However, they remain vague about specifics.

The news that Biden would make an El Paso stop brought back painful memories of Vice President Kamala Harris’ “border czar, being shamed by critics. She was forced to take a “border visit” in June 2021.

We noticed at the time that Harris didn’t visit the Rio Grande Valley or the physical border. Harris chose instead to take photos at El Paso’s border patrol station, miles away, and at El Paso’s airport.

Joe Biden and his other administration officials were just as shameless as he was in the past when they were asked about their refusal to open the border, as the crisis continued to worsen under his watch. Jen Psaki, the then-White House press secretary, made a joke about Biden’s El Paso “drive-by” while on his way to a 2008 campaign stop and claimed that it was a “visit at the border”.

Biden also insulted Arizonans hardest hit by the surge of illegal immigration crossing borders during a December 2022 visit. He said that there were “more important things” than addressing the massive surge. This has pushed into danger communities along the border with Arizona and Texas to the point where they routinely bus groups of them to Democrat-run sanctuary cities.

Surprisingly, Debbie Dingell, a clearly upset Rep. from Michigan, stated during an interview that Biden didn’t have to visit the border and that he had handlers (admin officers) who would report back to him about what they saw. She retorted “He’s seen all the photos” while whining about the “fixation” on the “small issue” of wanting answers as to why the President hasn’t made it a priority for him to visit the border and report back to him.

Two weeks later, former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, a Biden White House advisor, won the award. She answered a question about why Biden hadn’t yet visited the border and stated that it would take up too many resources and be disruptive.

It remains to be seen if Biden will actually visit the southern border in these coming days. It is possible that nothing will change because Democrats are known for refusing to change their course when it becomes clear that their policies are not helpful but harmful to America.

One might even think that this is the point at this stage.