Heroic North Carolina Officer Kenneth Battle-Hay Saves 4-Week-Old Baby’s Life


Salisbury Police Department, North Carolina, is dedicated to community policing. They focus on engaging with their neighbors and their neighborhood through programs but also through being present.

Community Policing is a philosophy that succeeds when police officers are placed on permanent decentralized beats. They have the freedom and autonomy they need to act as problem-solvers in the community, working directly with residents. They are charged with making neighborhoods safer and more pleasant places to live and to work.

Salisbury is blessed with a police force that is so engaged. One family in particular appreciates Officer Kenneth Battle Hay’s presence.

Salisbury police announced on Monday that an officer saved a baby who was unable to breath last week.

On Thursday, June 13th, police were called to a call about a four-week old infant that wasn’t breathing.

Officer Battle-Hay was the first officer to arrive on the scene. He found the parents of the infant performing CPR.

A cop on a specific beat is required to respond quickly, so Officer Battle Hay was there when he most needed him. In a situation where a child is choking, time is critical. No doubt, these parents were terrified. Choking is the leading cause of infant and young child death under four years old. It reminds me of one of Bob Hoge’s stories about a police officer in El Monte, California who used a LifeVac to revive a boy aged eight who had choked and stopped breathing after eating ice cream.

Salisbury PD reported that Battle-Hay performed life-saving measures immediately on the infant. The baby began breathing again. Battle-Hay ensured that the newborn remained stable and held it until EMS arrived.

The baby is receiving treatment at Brenner’s Children’s Hospital.

The Police Department stated that “our thoughts and prayers are with the family, and we pray for the baby’s recovery.” The heroic actions of Officer Battle-Hay are not to be overlooked and they reflect the training that all police officers receive in order to respond in such situations.

A good example of how community policing, training and education can save lives and keep families and communities together. Officer Battle-Hay is less than three years old and has been with the Salisbury Police Department for less than three. He was a logistic soldier for the United States Marine Corps in the U.S., Seoul, Korea and the U.S. before joining the North Carolina Police Department in 2022.

Some heroes don’t wear capes. They wear badges and blue uniforms. This type of service and response by the police deserves to be supported.