Ocasio-Cortez Slams Fundamentally Undemocratic Senate


    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently attacked the Senate’s “fundamentally undemocratic” operation after Senator Joe Manchin had effectively killed President Joe Biden’s agenda. Ocasio Cortez called the Senate “fundamentally undemocratic” while arguing that President Joe Biden’s executive power has not been “used to the full extent that the American people deserves.”

    AOC said that you can go on Fox News and state that you don’t feel like voting or think you won’t do it. It is crucial that they create a pressure environment, similar to the filibuster. You don’t need to speak to engage a filibuster but you can threaten it. We need to make the United States Senate a strong governing body. They forced us to vote for the bipartisan bill on infrastructure. It was a difficult vote. It was not easy. We must stop giving people cards that claim they can get out of jail for free. Enough. Enough. It’s time to be serious about governing.

    AOC stated that the Senate’s operation is both unconscionable and fundamentally undemocratic. She claimed that the filibuster allowed the “stripping of voters’ rights” in America. She called for an end to the filibuster.