Why Are Progressives Silent About Homophobic Pro-Hamas Protesters Disrupting a Pride March?


The progressives have many rules. They have so many rules, that it’s almost impossible to avoid crybullying. A recent incident involving a pro-Hamas group illustrates the fact that these rules should never be applied consistently.

In Philadelphia, an incident occurred between Pride marchers and pro-Hamas protesters.

Videos are showing the two sides squaring off, some with signs that read “no glory in genocide.” Men in bondage gear are seen trying to escort a parade around the blockade while half-naked. It appeared that there was also some pushing and shoveling.

The video shows pro-Hamas militants blocking the march that is meant to promote LGBTQ activism.

Where is the outrage against the pro-Hamas activists? Where are the accusations of transphobia and homophobia made against pro-Hamas activists in the media? Couldn’t they just have held their anti Israel demonstration on another day or in a completely different part of town?

According to progressivism’s precepts, anyone who offends the LGBTQ community will be widely condemned as a “bigot” – even if they don’t hate the members of the alphabet group. According to these guidelines, pro-Hamas activist’s actions are clearly rooted anti-LGBTQ prejudice.

The woke Sanhedrin, however, has not imposed their usual punishment on those who violate progressive orthodoxy. The progressive left is not offended by the fact that pro-Hamas activists defend and support a terrorist regime which regularly abuses and murders LGBTQ Palestinians.

Imagine the different reaction if Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats had blocked a Pride parade. Media outlets on the left would cover these MAGA Republicans relentlessly, exposing their anti-LGBTQ views to marginalized communities. Democratic politicians would call for action against such vile individuals.

When anti-Jewish progressive bigots interfere with Pride marches, the leftist activist community responds with a chorus.

This is easy to understand: Progressives do not mean what they say.

The far left has shown a tendency to be selective in who they choose to force their views on. One who espouses progressive views can do almost no wrong. If they adhere to the principles of wokeism they can use outright racism without any consequences, as long as it is directed at a suitable target.

In this case, however, the pro Hamas crowd did actually go after a particular group that progressives claimed to be championing. Here’s where the hard-left’s warped notion of intersectionality comes in. According to the index of oppression, Palestinians rank higher than LGBTQ people who live in Gaza but are not Palestinians.

It’s true, the system is a bizarre one. It’s entirely based on a nonsensical hierarchical structure. The progressives who claim to be on the side of marginalized groups don’t care at all about them. They want to use them to advance their agenda. This has nothing to with protecting people, but is all about accumulating power.