GOP Rep Introduces Bill Requiring Military To Reinstate Troops Discharged Over Vaccine


    GOP Rep Chris Smith introduced a bill this week that would require military leaders and commanders to restore service members who were dismissed for not following the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccination mandate.

    Smith, who was the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee said that “my legislation will ensure our brave men, women, and children in uniform who were unfairly punished due to their personal moral or medical decisions, receive the benefits they deserve, and have the opportunity of continuing serving our great nation.”

    Smith stated that forced discharges were not the right way to treat American heroes, who have sacrificed so much to protect and defend our safety.

    After hearing from his constituents (including Marine veteran Bill Borowsky Jr. from Point Pleasant Borough) Smith wrote the law.

    Borowsky Jr. said that Smith “listened to the voices that no other person would listen to.” “I would like Congressman Smith to thank him for listening,” he added. “He’s not only listening, but he’s actually taking action. We are grateful to Congressman Chris Smith.

    Smith’s father also expressed his gratitude.

    Borowsky Sr. stated that he was the father of a Marine who was forced from his unit by the Biden vaccination mandate. He said, “Words cannot express how grateful I am for Congressman Chris Smith.”

    He said, “Knowing that my son is fighting for him and all those in the same position is both encouraging as well as comforting.”

    Smith’s bill would allow discharged service members to voluntarily return to their military ranks and grades. It also provides additional protections for those who have been discharged but don’t want to return. This includes ensuring that their discharge is honorable, as well as ensuring they receive GI Bill benefits for their service and pensions.

    Smith stated that no one should lose their job or pensions if they don’t want the COVID vaccination – especially our brave service members who stand up to defend the freedoms we enjoy.”

    The House will be controlled by Republicans in November’s mid-term elections. Smith’s legislation and those of other legislators on the reinstating of service members who were discharged for the vaccine could have a better chance of becoming law.

    Borowsky Sr. stated that he thanked Congressman Smith and his fellow colleagues for their efforts to do the right thing for those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

    Smith stated that he believes coronavirus vaccines should not be mandatory and co-sponsored half of the bills that would overturn the vaccine mandates by the Biden administration.